Simple SMS

Simple SMS for Windows Mobile 5.0 4.0

Write, send, receive & store SMS messages on a PPC

Simple SMS enables you to write, send, receive and store SMS messages on your Pocket PC by connecting to your mobile phone via Bluetooth, Infra red or Cable. You can write your SMS messages on your pocket PC using the soft keyboard, character recognizer, transcriber or cut & paste text from other documents. Avoid the tiresome use of your phone's keypad.

No other Pocket PC SMS application can offer you all these features:

  • Fully supports a Bluetooth link. If you have a Bluetooth enabled phone you don't even need to take your phone out of your case/pocket/handbag (or wherever it is currently hiding) to send and receive SMS messages. If you don't yet have Bluetooth connectivity Simple SMS works just as well with Infra Red or Cable. Whatever your current or future connection method Simple SMS can handle it
  • Simple SMS has the ability to send and receive long messages. Don't limit yourself to160 characters, with this application you are now able to cut and paste any length of text into Simple SMS from any source on your Pocket PC and send it instantly and securely to someone else. If they also have Simple SMS (or one of the new Ericsson phones) they will receive the complete text as one message
  • Instantly recognise who's sending you a message. Most other SMS applications just show you the senders phone number but Simple SMS will lookup the senders number from your Pocket PC contacts list and display their associated name
  • Fully integrated with the Pocket PC Contacts database. When composing a message you will be able to type in the recipients telephone number directly or select one of your Pocket PC contacts, it even allows you to display your contacts as First Name ? Last Name or Last Name ? First Name
  • Sort messages on date or recipient
  • The ability to read unicode SMS messages
  • You can now quickly add all contacts from a pocket outlook category this enables you to set up distribution lists to send messages to
  • Menu bar buttons to quickly select common functions / views
  • Simple clear and effective screen layouts reflect what most users are familiar with i.e. New, Inbox, Outbox, Sent messages
  • Export all sent and received messages to a tab delimited text file for archive

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Simple SMS


Simple SMS for Windows Mobile 5.0 4.0

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